The Age Inappropriately Show

The Age Inappropriately Show

Pump up your self-confidence, stop caring about what other people think, and focus on being your authentic self - while laughing so hard you might snort. The Age Inappropriately Show is a weekly video podcast hosted by Mandi Blackford – the cheeky glam ma’am behind the Champagne Fabulous brand of gifts and home décor. Have you ever been told you were too old/fat/____ to do something? Or stopped yourself from trying things because others wouldn’t think it was ”appropriate”? Mandi shares how she found the courage to disregard societal influence, how it’s changed her life, and why you shouldn’t wait until you’re in your 40’s to understand this (like she did). Inspirational guests will join Mandi to talk about how they approach living authentically and found their path to making their dreams come true. But it’s not all touchy/feely seriousness – also explore Mandi’s favorite topics like: _ Fashion, lipstick, and pink hair _ Happily denying your need to join shoppers anonymous _ Pretending that RuPaul is your bestie and Jason Momoa is your boyfriend _ Being an artist _ Starting an Amazon FBA business _ Making up stupid songs _ Loving purse-size dogs _ Fun ideas for embarrassing your husband in public _ And MORE! Come on into MandiLand where we know perfection is a stupid myth and we celebrate that! Fabulosity for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, size, or who you love. Join the #ageinappropriately revolution to change yourself and the world by emitting acceptance and minding your own damn business.

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December 19, 2023