Welcome to fabulous, darling! I’m Mandi Blackford and I created the Champagne Fabulous brand to bring vivacious and often hilarious gifts and decor to the world. Come on in and find a treat for yourself, your bestie, or your gay boyfriend. My products are loved by those who are not just fabulous, they're CHAMPAGNE FABULOUS! XOXOXO

Pool Float

Whether you're at the pool, lake, or beach, this glamorous ride by CHAMPAGNE FABULOUS will keep you afloat with sparkle and style. Our champagne bottle shaped float has two cup holders, two rope grommets so you can tie it to the pier (or to your boyfriend), and big sparkly sequins floating inside. Who me? Glitter??? Um, yes please. Extra thick vinyl with a stable design for dazzling sun worshippers of all sizes. Also makes super rad decor for parties, New Year's Eve, cocktail lounges, or bachelorette soirees!

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