Tantau Rhymes with Wow - A Dynasty of Luminaries

This episode brings you three mighty forces of authenticity and creativity - a mother and her two daughters - Sally, Shelley, and Margo Tantau.

  • Margo hosts Mandi's favorite podcast, Windowsill Chats, and is Mandi's mentor and friend. Known as a connector, collaborator, and champion for the modern creative, she uses her decades of experience in art, retail, design, and global product development to guide and inspire others.  
  • Shelley is a Nurse Practitioner, mentor, guide, and coach for women who empowers others to see beyond their perceived boundaries in order to find healing, clarity, and incite positive change within their lives. 
  • And who is responsible for producing these two powerhouse bombshells? Their gorgeous mother Sally who, as you'll hear, blazed an exciting trail in the 1960's going from a kindergarten teacher to an interior designer in Napa Valley, California. 

Each one of them has carved a path during their lives that most would not find typical, and we explore their thoughts on how that was achieved.

Mandi nerds out when Margo produces a box that she hasn’t opened in 30 years, and shares her original wire chair sculptures that were her first successful venture in art business. Windowsill Chats fans who want to see those - make sure you watch the show video on YouTube or Spotify.

The same week this episode launches, Mandi's dream of being a guest on Windowsill Chats comes true! You can find that here: https://tantaustudio.com/podcast/

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