Maximalists R Us - Amy Keever Gallery Tour in Bentonville, AR

Our first onsite interview is a visual feast! Mandi visits the Amy Keever Gallery in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas to introduce you to her crazy talented friend. The gorgeous and inspiring artist invites us into her fab-u-lous space where she creates her cool mix of mosaic glass sculptures, paintings, and jewelry. 
Amy shares the evolution of her craft, from childhood sketches to huge sculptures that command the space of a room. Her first sculpture, a larger-than-life-size steer named Maverick, took 500 hours to create, has thousands of pieces of mosaic glass, and was displayed at the Gaylord Texan Resort for several years. 
This vibrant woman went from being a single mom working in a bank to living her dream of being a full time artist whose work was just displayed at the 2023 Red Dot Miami show during Art Basel. (For those not familiar - that's like getting to perform on Broadway!)
In this episode, you not only hear Amy's incredible story - you get a tour of her gallery and learn about the tools of her trade. Double-wheeled glass nippers anyone?! Hang out with Mandi and Amy as they discuss their obsession with Project Runway, what it's like to be the fun art lady who wears loud clothes, and learn how large accessories and crazy glasses can change your life.

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Special thanks for this episode: 

  • Natalie Roller, photographer
  •  Aaron Blackford, audio and videographer
  •  Shady Habashy, editor 
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