Healthy Aging Coach Lisa Murphy

Meet Mandi's healthy aging coach, the amazing Lisa Murphy. Imagine redefining your golden years as your RAV years—Relevant, Active, and Vibrant—and finding that life's second act can be even more fulfilling than the first. Join us as Mandi and Lisa, a guiding light in wellness, recount how her RAV program changed Mandi's life. 

A single step can lead to a thousand miles, and our conversation with Lisa proves just that. We're not just talking diets and exercise; we're navigating the nuanced differences between coaching, therapy, and mentorship. Lisa lends her expertise, showing how even the smallest of changes—like swapping the type of milk in your Starbucks order—can accumulate into monumental life shifts. With her, you'll discover the genuine impact of having someone in your corner, cheering you on as you build upon each victory.

Lisa lays out a treasure map with four Xs marking the spots: food, mood, rest, and movement. From embracing pink hair to bouldering at 55, Lisa and Mandi's conversation will encourage you to age on your own terms.
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