Plus Size? Fab Thick & Juicy Curves Ahead - Self Love for All Sizes - And Self Care in a Float Pod!

Anybody out there ever felt too fat to wear a crop top? (Mandi raises hand). Meet my gorgeous “Beauty Operator” Jamie Spaulding, who is also a plus size model! Hang out with us in my kitchen as we discuss embracing bold, unapologetic living and self love - no matter the number on your birthday cake or the size of your big girl panties.

And then stay tuned (just after the 30 minute mark) for my first segment of Glam Ma’am Shenanigans - where I take you with me to the wonderful Tula Wellness spa in Longview, Texas for a float in a sensory deprivation pod! Yes, like in Stranger Things! (but without the stress of trying to save the earth)

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